Accommodation Windermere


Originally built as a gentleman’s residence in 1873, Cambridge House has since been converted and has been owned by Debbie & Dave Lupton since 2004. Despite its conversion, it retains its traditional Lakeland style, making it an idyllic stop amongst the gorgeous natural surroundings.

Modern comfort
Since taking over at Cambridge House, we have taken plenty of effort to ensure that it provides all the comfort and convenience you would expect of modern Windermere accommodation. We have double, twin, and family rooms, all en-suite with books, games, complimentary tea & coffee, maps you can take freely, and a flat screen TV/CD player all provided.

About us and Windermere
Cambridge House makes the perfect Windermere accommodation for its placement first and foremost. Our town isn’t big, but it’s not quiet, either, ever busy with plenty of shops, restaurants and bars catering to the many visitors we receive. Your accommodation will be only a few minutes away from the most popular stops in town. What’s more, all the beauty of the surrounding Lake District is on offer, too. It takes less than twenty minutes to reach lake Windermere, while the fells of Orrest Head and School Knot loom overhead, giving you the chance to experience the very best of views in the region.

Top-notch breakfasts
We are more than happy to offer a home-cooked breakfast (extra charge applies) using the finest local ingredients to all our guests, also offering vegetarian options to those who prefer them. You are more welcome to spend time in our welcoming breakfast room, whether you want a bite to eat or simply somewhere to read, study or work with some tea, coffee, or even a glass of wine.

Your helpful hosts
Debbie & Dave Lupton are not only committed to providing the most welcoming accommodation in Windermere, but are equally as enthusiastic about the outdoor lifestyle. If you want any directions on advice on what parts of Windermere and the surrounding countryside to visit, we are more than happy to provide a map and help you find your bearings. What’s more, we can keep you informed of any events happening in the town, so even a quieter day spent in civilised society can be full of things to do.

For any booking enquiries and information, such as directions to our Windermere accommodation, feel free to call us at 0159443848. Our website tracks all our available rooms and allows you to arrange a booking with minimal fuss and effort as well, so feel free to explore, see what we have to offer, and book your place at Cambridge House. We will be more than happy to welcome you.